Nail Art Tips

Want to have beautiful and sexy nails? Sure you can have it now. Learn this tips to beautify your nails with nail art.

1. Before starting the nail art, tidied up nails tip, cuticle and nail surface.

2. Create your patterns and colors in nail art. See a a lot of design in this blog. Customize motifs and colors blend with the color of clothing, makeup, and accessories you wear. Make it easier while painting, use a special nail art brushes to draw the motifs.

3. Before starting to paint your nails, cover your nail surface with base coat to protect from damage caused by nail polish.

4. Paint a background color, then paint nails as desired. Apply nail top coat to quick dryng and make it more shiny.

4. Another methods are air brush, stickers, rhinestone and acrylic three-dimensional. But the painting method can be said as the more "artistic" nail art because it requires ability to combine colors and draw the design. And the most important is the painting techniques by nail artist.
Hand painting method produces more natural design. Air brush method provides excellent results with proportions and gradations of color more evenly, but not as bright colors generated manually.

5. Nail art can be used to fake nails and adapted to the size of the nail. Nails painting usually can last up to one week on fingernails and one month on toenails.

6. For more durable and stay shiny, add the top coat every two or three days.

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